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Protective Gear


To comply with the government's Covid19 'track and trace' scheme - ALL individuals entering our premises are required to leave their contact details with a member of our team.  Alternatively individuals can check themselves in on arrival using our QR code with the official NHS Covid19 mobile app.

The law states that any individual over the age of 11 years old (except individuals who are legally exempt) must wear a face mask that fully covers their nose and mouth whilst visiting our premises.  Therefore, players and spectators will need to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth on arrival at the venue, checking-in, using the toilet area and leaving the premises.

However, whilst players are using our VR equipment (wearing a VR headset), they are not required to wear a face mask covering their nose or mouth as this will impact on their ability to participate.

Spectators must wear a face mask covering at all times.

Individuals who have been highlighted as 'at risk' by the UK government - or have been advised to self-isolate - should not attend.

To ensure the safety of customers and staff, we will refuse entry to any individuals who are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.

On arrival, please use the hand sanitiser dispensers available.

Use of disposable gloves is not mandatory, however you are welcome to bring your own or purchase a set from us at check-in to wear whilst handling our VR controllers.

Please respect the 2 meter social distancing guidelines whenever possible.

Our staff will sanitise their hands before and after every interaction with each customer.

Our staff will conduct your induction and demonstrate how to use our equipment at a safe 2m distance away from you.

We always ask players if they would like to fit their own VR headsets after receiving a safety demonstration. Most players prefer for our staff members to fit the headsets for them.  If you agree for our staff members to fit your headset then the staff member will be wearing a face mask and will have sanitised their hands prior to their interaction with you.

We thoroughly sanitise all VR equipment, headsets and controllers between use.

You can view our Covid-19 risk assessment using the button below

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